Edge of the Wild   The Annual UK Ecopsychology Gathering

What is the 'edge of the wild' ecopsychology gathering?

Back in 2011 three of us came together and decided to create a national event, a place for fellow ecopsychologists, or those interesting in ecopsychology to come together and share their hopes, fears, and learning from their work to date. Meetings of ecopsychologists had happened before then in smaller groupings from time to time. Plans for 'Meeting at the Edge of the Wild' took shape... Now in its 6th year, the 'Edge of the Wild' (the name has gradually shortened itself!) has become an annual meeting place; a place to learn, listen, share thoughts and feelings, plan together and relax together in the beautiful surroundings of the Green and Away tented venue on the banks of the River Teme in Worcestershire, west of Malvern in the Midlands of England, UK.

The gathering brings together people and diverse perspectives from across the UK - sometimes beyond - with the aim of exploring our bonds to the complex web of life of which we are a part.

Ecopsychology explores ways of recognising the need for re-connection between humans and other-than-human and more-than-human life in these anthropocentric times we are in. The 'Edge of the Wild gathering' is a place to explore and practise this reconnection, approached from many different points of view, drawing on lessons from different lineages (see details of the previous gathering if you would like a flavour of what has been included in the past).

Who we are:
The Edge of the Wild gathering is an association which is organised entirely by volunteers. Any profit made is re-invested in the next year's event. 

The 2017 organising group comprises: Judith Anderson, Nathalie Asmall, James Barrett, Gill BrownNick DavisMatthew Henson, Kamalamani, Suhada, Marion Winslow.

The online space for the broader ecopsychology movement in the UK can be found here:


And there is an abundance of information and resource about ecopsychology here:


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