Edge of the Wild   The Annual UK Ecopsychology Gathering

Highlights of 2015

The 2015 Gathering
The 2015 Gathering drew together around 70 people over the course of a glorious weekend at the beginning of July. Mary-Jayne Rust examined the practical value of Ecopsychology's ideas and practices, while Nick Totton challenged us to face the stark realities of environmental collapse.

The structured workshops were diverse and energizing and the open space, while initially somewhat fluid, produced creative and explorative sessions that deepened many of the topics emerging out of the gathering.

Together we created a community of conversation, debate, music and poetry, renewing old friendships and creating new ones with those attending for the first time. We swam in the river, acknowledged the land we camped on and listened to the night creatures. The sun was hot and the thunderstorms wild. And, significantly, the seeds were sown for our next gathering in August 2016.

"For me this year was an experience of cohesion in the group, by which I mean the ecopsychology community. In previous years it has felt scattered, less well held, with lots of new people coming and going. This year there was a sense of elders returning, a sense of intimacy in the large group, a sense of being held together."

“For me it was the people who came to the gathering and the courage to let things get messy and unfurl – the organisers, front of room leaders, the workshops, the venue all contributed to the success of the event.”

“I got a lot from Mary-Jane's talk and Q&A, but I had to miss Friday so didn't catch Nick's. Really liked the location too."

I loved making deep emotional connections. Swimming. I enjoyed the keynote & group sessions. Dancing."

"I felt the best aspect of the gathering was the community aspect - it was simply great to be with people again – parts like the open mic night and the band were very important. And the time with people in the spaces in between..."

“I really valued the keynotes and community spirit.”

"I enjoyed the open mic and the music as well as the workshops I went to. I also really valued the home groups."

“I enjoyed the chances to have great conversations and share perspectives and learn about whats going on elsewhere - and the social aspects - swimming, eating together etc.”

"I loved being in outdoor space meeting old friends and linking with new people"

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