Edge of the Wild   The Annual UK Ecopsychology Gathering

Highlights of 2014

The 2014 Gathering
The 2014 Gathering was an event that nurtured, inspired, challenged and engaged the 70 people that attended. Philip Carr-Gomm spoke to us about whether we attend to human pathology or potential, and Arran Stibbe on how to challenge the stories we live by.

The structured workshops were diverse and energizing while the introduction of open space allowed for  sessions to explore and develop questions that emerged through the gathering. This format marked an exciting development in the evolution of The Edge of the Wild.

Together we created a community of conversation, debate, music and poetry, renewing old friendships and creating new ones with those attending for the first time. We swam in the river, acknowledged the land we camped on and listened to the night creatures. The sun was hot and the thunderstorms wild. And, significantly, the seeds were sown for our next gathering in July 2015.

“For me this year was an experience of cohesion in the group, by which I mean the ecopsychology community. In previous years it has felt scattered, less well held, with lots of new people coming and going. This year there was a sense of elders returning, a sense of intimacy in the large group, a sense of being held together.”

“[I liked the] sense of community, the landscape and environment we were in, the food, the spontaneous gatherings at the river, the workshops that were practical and hands on and in the land, the vulnerabilities of people who shared the openness and honesty."

"The chances to have great conversations and share perspectives and learn about what's going on elsewhere - and the social aspects - swimming, eating together etc."

"I think that the best aspect of the gathering was the community aspect - it was simply great to be with people again - the aspect like the open mic night and the band are very important. And the time with people in the spaces in between..."

“I thought the goldfish bowl experience that happened in one of the open space meetings on gender was very powerful. Women gathered in the middle, surrounded by silent supportive men, and spoke from the heart about ‘what they want from men’.”

“I had never felt so connected to so many people and had an overwhelming feeling of finally finding my home, and this was most certainly underpinned by the workshops.”

“I felt it a privilege to sit around the fire and listen to all the marvellous contributions on Saturday night. That’s living and how it should be!”

“Thank you and the team so much for organising this gathering. It was a joy to attend and be part of it!”

“I loved every minute of the gathering. I enjoyed all the plenary talks and all the workshops I attended as well as the open space sessions. It was wonderful to meet new like-minded people and I got so much out of connecting with eco-psychology for my own work/thinking. The gathering was very warm and welcoming and I enjoyed all aspects. Great food, lovely merry-moot on Saturday evening, swimming in the river and reservoir. Can’t think of anything I didn’t enjoy!”

“I really enjoyed the gathering. I particularly enjoyed networking with people. I found the workshops I attended were inspiring. The whole event was stimulating and thought provoking.”

“I really enjoyed myself as I have done on the two previous camps I attended.”

“I love the unscheduled activities – the swimming, going for a wander at dusk, conversations over lunch, the “sacred sauna” and sitting around the top fire afterwards. I think the food is fantastic”

“The open space was facilitated really well. Well done!”

It was delicious to swim again in the Teme River aka ‘The Dark One’, to be in the presence of so many beautiful willows and to see kingfishers.”

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