Edge of the Wild   The Annual UK Ecopsychology Gathering

Highlights of 2013

“The river. New and old friends. Great venue. Relaxed atmosphere with good combination of focussed awareness, discussion, sensory experience, and freedom to free range. I felt a lot of trust in the skills and abilities of my colleagues, through all our differences and similarities, which was really important to me. Whatever we do or don’t do with our awareness, I really appreciated the substance of us collectively. Quality and range of speakers and workshop facilitators was good.”

“Great variety of presenters and workshops…Lovely and insightful conversations with participants… Exploring the place at Green & Away…Being open to critique and allowing things to come up in a democratic and sensible way…”

“The outdoor venue was very good and the mix of the delegates and the volunteers had a nice affect for me. I liked being able to swim every day. I found the atmosphere pleasant and the food was excellent. I really enjoyed working with horses and the more practical workshops. I liked the Nigel Shaw entertainment. I thought the ending ceremony was good, grounded, tangible. I felt there was a genuine care from organisers and I like that there were lots of different people there. I felt encouraged to practice and that it was not just the domain of therapists which was very important to me.”

“Loved the venue, and the time allowed for nature based practice in the mornings before the formal sessions started. Polly Higgins’ workshop was excellent. I also found the experiential workshops – dance and art – very enjoyable. My favourite part of all was the beautiful Lammas ceremony organised by Annie Spencer.”

“Home group was very nice – getting to know people on a deeper level.”

“Meeting people interested in ecopsychology and being able to voice ideas and concerns with them openly, and hear their many and various responses. Good balance between the inner and outer environment, emotional and rational intelligence, work and play, challenge and support…Lovely environment, wonderful weather, lovely River Team.  I felt accepted, and delighted to be encouraged in my own field, of animal assisted psychotherapy, as my contribution to healing the Eco-amnesia we are currently experiencing. Being involved in Polly’s work gives me hope that we may, collectively, be influential.”

“1) Networking = meeting new people and catching up. 2) Workshop discussion on practicalities of ecotherapy (emerging forms) especially useful.”

"Connecting with other people, random conversations, continuing conversations through the home group”

"I really enjoyed meeting new like minded people. I loved being by the river, the social aspects and some of the workshops. I loved the flute playing by Nigel and gathering by the fire. I enjoyed the presentation by Polly.  Interconnection. Nature. Nurture. Learning. Warmth of spirit. Fun. Stimulation. Variety. Generosity of hosts, organisers and workshop offerings.”

“Meeting like minded people in such a great venue that mirrored what we’re all about, resulting in a feeling of real connectedness.  Fantastic food, and very friendly, helpful staff.”

“Daily dawn swims in river with only cows for company!”

“Venue: being outside, river to swim in, people at green and away love what they are doing
Good food…Participants from diverse areas of professional interest…Making connections with people and environment…Polly Higgins as speaker and participant…Home groups, great idea…Timetable board outside main tent…Tent for people to post interests…Lammas celebration at the end”

“The flexibility of the organising team which allowed for spontaneous offers and co-creation, the intellectual level it was pitched at, the small groups, the venue, the multiple and diverse opportunities to mix and share.”
” Gathering! Chance to meet and hang out with others, familiar and new. – Getting responses to my work/contributions to help gauge how helpful it is to others…The venue…Morning small groups”

“Useful: mixture of views, meeting of different disciplines, working with difference.
Enjoyable: sense of community, shared aims, shared pleasure in natural world, setting.”

“I was able to experiment with workshop themes and structures.I was able to explore new approaches.  The small “check-in”” group was particularly enriching…There was a lot of fun.”
“Going to the event alone and not knowing any of the other delegates i found the community atmosphere a big strength. Being given a home group made me feel more relaxed that i had people to go to but i also found myself mixing with different people every day. The venue was a very healing environment and really made the whole experience for me. Polly Higgins and the workshops where incredible and gave me so much more than i had ever expected…the entertainment was fantastic and again truly unexpected.”

“Meeting other like-minded people and engaging with what is most important in life”

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