Edge of the Wild   The Annual UK Ecopsychology Gathering

Dream matrix

In the dreaming matrix, held by James Barratt each morning, we will tell dreams and associate to dreams.The dreams are regarded as arriving from the matrix of our presence on the land of New House Farm and the subject of the conference. The dreams are not interpreted, nor regarded as belonging to the dreamer, rather the dreams have found a dreamer. Meanings of the dream may become available through associations, amplification and our presence. Following the matrix there will be time for sharing reflections on themes that emerged. James Barrett will hold the boundaries of the dreaming matrix.

James Barratt's path as a Jungian psychotherapist has taken him through energy psychology and shamanic practice to a fuller appreciation of the presence of all forms of life and matter as intelligent and communicative - if we are able to listen. For James, ‘mind’ is emergent from resonance between, and not just between the humans; a resonance in which we can be participants.
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